Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Purpose of Suffering

A Private Meditation on the Purpose and Necessity of Suffering,
and the Frivolity of the General Idea of Being 'Saved' (in the Religious Sense).

Do you not realize that suffering is necessary for the cleansing of the Soul?--that it cannot ever happen any other way? 'Baptism' may be symbolic of the cleansing, but the real thing comes from actual suffering.

Suffering saves us, not 'Jesus' or some other far-off fictional deity. That is the 'old lie'--that Jesus will save us from (from!!) our suffering and sin.

To believe in the 'Jesus' of the religionists is, after all, nothing other than to be weak, unmanly, and effeminate, not to mention disappointing and disgusting. (And I am referring here not to any actual person named 'Jesus' who may or may not have actually existed, but rather to the generally-held Twenty-First Century Western/American idea of the same, which is not by any means an identical thing.) The words of Beethoven are appropriate here:

O Freunde, nicht diese Tone!

You are capable of so much better than this! Live up to your potential as human beings--even, as children of the Living Father!

"There is nothing in your creed," said an astute and wise Roman Emperor once, "beyond the one word believe." And he (Julian) probably knew the early Christians much better than we, especially as he was their contemporary.

Learn to behold the 'God within you'! Your soul is a vehicle for the divine! 'God' is not "out there"--God is here, within you! Salvation comes not from without (as in the idea of "Jesus will save me"), but rather from within. You must save yourselves!

The fact that so few of you realize this (or accept this, which is far more important), is precisely the reason why so many of you live and die lost--"perduto." "Sons of Perdition" are you--banished to outer darkness, except that the 'darkness' is, once again, not "out there", but here, inside your own benighted souls.

And you have the power to redeem and save yourselves, but yet you don't use it!

Instead, you look to an all-powerful, mammoth father-figure, that is entirely the product of your own (and your ancestors') fancy and fear, to save you from yourselves and your own guilt and fear.

The incredible, sad, ironic fact is, that by placing your belief and trust in a 'Jesus' who will save you from your suffering (which is only a product of your guilt and fear), you thereby block yourselves from ever achieving true salvation, true cleansing, which cleansing indeed can only come about through the embracing or acceptance of your own suffering.

T.J.White, 4 September, 2002


An Unrelated Addendum

It is their pathetic, pathological need for approval and acceptance from a 'father-figure' or an 'authority'-figure, which causes most Americans to give up their freedoms, and embrace an authoritarian, dictatorial form of government--a fascist-type government by Bureaucracy or Oligarchy. This is exactly what we see occuring even now in America--the one nation in all the world, with its heritage of respect for individual liberties and rights, precisely at the expense of government, where such a thing is most disheartening and dismaying to observe.

T.J.White, 8 September, 2002