Thursday, May 12, 2005

A New Version of the "Lord's Prayer" for Our Modern Age

O Source and Fount of all that exists--
That which is in the inner realm of spirit,
and in the outer realm of physicality--
Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend and Lover,
And much more than these--

May the descriptions and names of you be ever considered sacred!

May knowledge of the oneness and totality of the universe, as well as
actual unity and harmony with the same, come to us all,
as we are ready to receive and partake thereof;

May we be better prepared to receive and partake of this universal oneness and love.

May all that occurs in this universe be ever in harmony with the one totality.

May all of our legitimate and reasonable needs and aspirations be fulfilled--those that do not infringe upon other living beings. And where we must infringe upon other living beings in order to survive, forgive us, we pray, for it is in our nature at this stage of our existence, and we cannot do otherwise.

May tolerance and mercy be extended to us when we wrong others, and our survival is not actually at stake--to the same extent that we ourselves extend that same tolerance and mercy toward others who may wrong us.

May we better accord ourselves into harmony with the universe.

We ask all of this, not that it is not already the case everywhere around us (even if we can't always see it), but rather because we are as yet merely infants in our understanding of things--in our ability to rationally and lovingly deal with each other and with the larger universe.
We also ask these things because the act of asking shows that we are growing in our awareness, and are truly and conscientiously attempting to better accord ourselves into harmony with the universe.

May peace and love reign everywhere and always!


T.J. White,
15 August, 1996