Friday, June 10, 2005

On the Subject of Christian Denominations

Unlike many people nowadays who call themselves "Christian," I take a very laid-back and relaxed attitude toward denominations: to me one denomination versus another is much like preferring 'this' flavour of ice-cream over 'that' flavour. Some people prefer
'Chocolate' over 'Plain Vanilla', whereas others like 'French Vanilla' instead of 'Plain Vanilla'. (Oo-La-La!!!....) Some people are really 'out there' and want 'Raspberry Truffle', or even
'Licorice' (these I compare to denominations such as the 'hard-shell' Evangelicals, or the 'Jehovah's Witnesses'). I myself can tolerate and find myself at home in just about any denomination of "Christianity" except the 'licorice' varieties--they are just too extreme, too doctrinaire, too dogmatic and intolerant for me.

And as far as these denominations (generally-speaking) go--it seems to me that 'Plain Vanilla' will fill one's belly (and provide about the same degree of nutrition) as any other, more exotic flavour. In other words, they can all of them (just about) get you to 'Heaven'--if (big if) you know how to let them do so. That is the real trick--discovering how to see through these different denominations and their respective doctrines to the essential, underlying truths they all contain to one degree or another.

Let me give you a big clue or hint: read Joseph Campbell. And then go back and re-read Joseph Campbell. And then dwell and ponder for a good long time on what it is he is saying. And then ponder some more--perhaps even several years' worth of this. For it is not until you have fully and deeply understood what it was that he was trying to teach us, that you will begin to approach 'the Truth'. For a general introduction, try the site: (The web-site of the Joseph Campbell Foundation).